Business Legal Services


  • Litigation Advocacy/Management
  • Legal/Regulatory Needs Assessment
  • Commercial Contract Preparation/Implementation
  • Conflict Avoidance and Resolution Training

 Feeley Mediation & Business Law LLC provides litigation support, business legal consultation, and outside general counsel services designed for your business. Business attorney Rick Feeley is uniquely qualified to assist with your business legal needs. Rick has extensive experience managing in-house commercial litigation and regulatory teams and a nationwide network of outside legal resources. He has direct experience managing company regulatory and agency relations and developing, negotiating and implementing compliant and business effective contracts, processes and policies. Rick is also a seasoned commercial litigation attorney with first chair and in-house experience resolving complex commercial disputes through litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes. He is an experienced and effective trainer and facilitator. 

Feeley Mediation & Business Law LLC litigation support services are specifically designed to protect your company in the most cost effective, Brand protective manner.  Effective litigation management is consistently aware of the Company’s reputation and resources and is designed to protect both assets and integrity.  Effective litigation support also includes providing business teams with the knowledge and tools needed to avoid disputes in the first place.  Conflict is bad business; our litigation support services can help you resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Rick Feeley understands the legal obligations required of business entities and, more importantly, understands that effective business legal representation is an integrated part of business operations. Effective business legal is a partnership, the legal team and the business teams working hand-in-hand to achieve the Company’s goals. Feeley Mediation & Business Law LLC will assess your Company’s legal needs and resources, provide strategic legal planning based on your particular business needs and goals, and/or provide outside and/or in-house legal resource coordination designed to effectively control your Company’s legal costs while protecting your Company’s Brand.

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